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Dr Elizabeth Nichols

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Elizabeth is an experienced researcher, educator, and manager. Her research interests are business and sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and ethics especially looking at how businesses practice sustainability. Elizabeth enjoys conducting qualitative research, as she likes hearing peoples’ stories at the intersection of business and sustainability. Elizabeth also researches in management education and development, especially in engaging students in their own learning. 

In 2018, Elizabeth received a University of Queensland citation for outstanding contributions to Learning and Teaching and, in 2019, she also received a UQ Business School teaching award. 

Prior to her move to academia, Elizabeth worked as a chef/manager, thus learning the practicalities associated with business management. Elizabeth informs her current role as a researcher and educator through the realities of working in this environment. 


  • PhD 
  • MCM 
  • BCom 
  • Dip HSc 

Research Interests

  • Business and Sustainability, Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility 
  • Management Education and Development 

Professional Experience

  • UQ Business School 
  • Lincoln University (New Zealand) 


Nichols, E., Wright, A. L. (2015). Using the Everest team simulation to teach threshold concepts. Journal of Management Education, 39(4), 531-537. 

Wright, A., Nichols, E., McKechnie, M., & McCarthy, S. (2013). Combining crisis management and evidence-based management: The Queensland floods as a teachable momentJournal of Management Education, 37(1), 135-160. 

Imbrogiano, J.-P. & Nichols, E. (under review). How to serve ‘sustainability performance in businesses’? A guiding recipe to link practices to performance in research on business (un-)sustainability. Business Strategy and the Environment. 


Edwards, M.K., & Nichols, E. (2019). Teaching Teamwork Skills in a Large First Year Undergraduate Organisational Behaviour Course Proceedings of the 33rd Annual Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management, Cairns. 

Nichols, E., & Strong, R. (2018). Sustaining large teaching teams: Exploring best practice for managing casual academic staff. Proceedings of the 32nd Annual Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management, Auckland. 

Edwards, M., King, J., Nichols, E., & Gallagher, E. (2018). Using social and emotional learning to improve Ph.D. student well-being and performance: A review and proposed training program Proceedings of the 32nd Annual Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management, Auckland.  

Nichols, E. (2015). The multiple understandings of sustainability Proceedings of the 29th Annual Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management. 

Nichols, E. (2018). Managers’ understandings of the practice of sustainabilitySIM-ONE-PNP combined divisions’ junior faculty consortium, 78th Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Chicago. 


Research Monographs 

Nichols, E. (2018). Managers’ understandings of the practice of sustainability: A Practice Theory approach The University of Queensland, Australia. PhD thesis. 

Nichols, E. (2004). Maturity in modelling of corporate responsibility – New Zealand case studies. Lincoln University, New Zealand. MCM thesis. 

Professional Development Workshop 

Nichols, E. (2020). Cultural and Skill Professional Development Workshop, Beveridge Lab, UQ School of Biological Sciences. 


BZ310, BZ332, BZ309, BZ100, BZ230, BZ231 

College Service

  • Student Retention Committee 

Professional Memberships and Associations

  • UQ Business School Industry Partner 
  • Member of the Academy of Management (2011 2020) Division Membership: Organizations and Natural Environment, Management Education and Development, and Strategizing Activities and Practices 
  • Member of Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management (2011-2020) 
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