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Dr Simon Kennedy

Liberal Arts
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Simon is an intellectual historian interested in the intersections between political thought, religious thought, historical methodology and law. His teaching spans history, literature, and philosophy.

Simon has a PhD in history from the University of Queensland, through the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities. His articles have been published in top journals, including The Historical Journal and the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, and he has contributed to ABC Religion & Ethics, Mere Orthodoxy, The New Polis, and The Spectator Australia. Along with his position at CHC, Simon is a Research Fellow at the University of Queensland. 


  • Doctor of Philosophy (University of Queensland) 
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours First Class) (Monash University) 
  • Bachelor of Arts (Monash University) 

Research Interests

  • Intellectual history
  • History of political thought
  • Political theology
  • Religious history and religious thought
  • Philosophy of history
  • Historical method
  • Legal history 


Kennedy, Simon P., Benjamin B. Saunders, ‘History and Constitutional Interpretation: Applying the Cambridge School Approach to Interpreting Constitutions’, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 40 (no. 3, 2020): 591–618.

Kennedy, Simon P, Rethinking consociation in Althusius’ Politica’, Journal of Markets and Morality 22 (no. 2, 2019): 305 318.

Kennedy, Simon P., Richard Hooker as Political Naturalist’, Historical Journal 62 (no. 2, 2019): 331–348.

Kennedy, Simon P., Saunders, Benjamin B., Popular Sovereignty, “the People”, and the Australian Constitution: A Historical Reassessment’, Public Law Review 30 (2019): 36–57. 

Kennedy, Simon P., Saunders, Benjamin B., Characterizing the Two Kingdoms and Assessing Their Relevance for Today’, Calvin Theological Journal 53 (no. 1, 2018): 161–173.

Kennedy, Simon P., ‘Abraham Kuyper: Calvinist Anti-Revolutionary Politician and Political Thinker’, Australian Journal of Politics and History 61 (no. 2, 2015): 169–183.

Kennedy, Simon P., ‘Abraham Kuyper and his political thought: both Calvinist and pluralist’, Reformed Theological Review 72 (no. 2, 2013): 73–85.

Books and Book Chapters

Kennedy, Simon P, Nicholas Roney, ‘Johannes Althusius’s Cosmopolitan Defence of Local Politics’, in Lee Ward, ed., Cosmopolitanism and Its Discontents: Rethinking politics in the age of Trump and Brexit (Lexington, 2020), 19–36. 


Kennedy, Simon P., ‘The Fifth Commandment and the Political Authority in the thought of the Magisterial Reformers’, University of Divinity Political Theology Symposium, 2019.

Kennedy, Simon P., ‘Intellectual History and Interpreting the Australian Constitution’, International Society for Intellectual History Conference, 2019.

Kennedy, Simon P., Harbinger of Liberalism?: Johannes Althusius’s pactio and social contract theory’, Southern Political Science Association, 2017.

Kennedy, Simon P., ‘Politics as conventional and soteriological: the argument for an Augustinian Thomas Hobbes’, Australian Society for Political Theory and Philosophy, 2017.


Kennedy, Simon P. (2020). Review: Remi Brague, ‘The Kingdom of Man: Genesis and Failure of the Modern ProjectThe European Legacy.

Kennedy, Simon P. (2020). Review: David P. Henreckson, ‘The Immortal Commonwealth: Covenant, Community and Political Resistance in Early Reformed Thought,Journal of Religious History.

Kennedy, Simon P. (2016). Review: W. Bradford Littlejohn, ‘Richard Hooker’,Sixteenth Century Journal.

Kennedy, Simon P. (2017). Review: Francis Oakley, ‘The Watershed of Modern Politics’, Political Theology. 

Kennedy, Simon P(2017). Review of Abraham Kuyper ‘Pro Rege vol. 1’ and ‘Common Grace vol. 1’, International Journal of Public Theology.

Kennedy, Simon P. (2018). Review: Ruben Alvarado, ‘Calvin and the Whigs’ Philosophia Reformata.

Kennedy, Simon P. (2020). ‘Liberalism, Revolution and Unbelief: Guillaume Groen’s Reactionary Political Theory of Revelation’ The New Polis. 

Kennedy, S. (2020). ‘The problem of submission to civil authority: What can the Reformers teach us?’, ABC Religion & Ethics.

Kennedy, Simon P. (2019). ‘Great books, liberal arts, the Ramsay Centre and why they matter’, The Spectator Australia.

Kennedy, Simon P. (2019). ‘Why the Ramsay Centre is a good bet for UQ – and Australia’, The Spectator Australia.

Kennedy, Simon P. (2019). Christian humility and the task of history: Recovering the legacy of Herbert Butterfield’, ABC Religion & Ethics.

Kennedy, Simon P. ‘Israel Folau, Submitting to Masters, and the Modern Corporation, Mere Orthodoxy.

Kennedy, S P. (2019). The strangeness of the past and the self: Rowan Williams on history and identity’, ABC Religion & Ethics.

Kennedy, Simon P., Benjamin B. Saunders. (2018). ‘The Problems Two Kingdoms Don’t Solve’, Mere Orthodoxy. 

Kennedy, Simon P., Peter Mulherin. (2017). ‘Archipelago or Landmass?: Voluntary Associations, Civil Society and the Health of Liberal Democracy’, POLICY. 

Kennedy, Simon P. (2016). ‘The Origins of Politics According to Althusius’, Ad Fontes.


HT231, HT242, HT397, LIT101, PHL103, PHL220, PHL301, PHL304, PHL305, PHL397, PHL597, THL397 

College Service

  • Member, CHC Academic Board 
  • Member, CHC Research and Scholarship Commmittee 
  • Member, School of Liberal Arts Board of Studies 
  • Member, CHC Philanthropy and Alumni Committee 
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