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Master of Business Administration (MBA)




Build your skills and increase your influence by equipping yourself with the tools and knowledge needed to advance your career with a master of business administration. A faith-integrated curriculum will provide you with insight into your career, calling and leadership in this master of business administration course. Enrich your learning with deep purpose and values as you manage and lead.

Our 6-week modules help you to engage with the material and apply new skills and knowledge immediately. The MBA is also 100% online and allows you the convenience of learning from where you are, allowing you to study and work full time.

The CHC MBA draws upon Biblical principles and scholarly research to help leaders develop a personal and corporate ethic to inform business activities and strategy for purpose-driven businesses.  Students will be expected to develop a set of ethics that are sustainable and can contribute to the development of businesses and organisations contribute to human flourishing and the common good.

You can choose to work on projects that will benefit your existing organisation or will help you launch new ventures. Our MBA helps you and your organisation to take the next step.


Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration consists of 12 core units – the 4 units undertaken towards the Graduate Certificate in Management, the 4 units undertaken in the Graduate Diploma in Management and a further 4 core units.

In planning their master of business administration course, students must consult the Business Courses Guide for information regarding course rules and requirements, including unit prerequisite requirements.




Master of business administration applicants for whom English is not their first language must provide certified documentary evidence that their secondary schooling, or tertiary studies of at least one year, was conducted in the English language or they have satisfactory results in an acceptable English Language Proficiency examination (see table below). Results are to be no more than two years old as at the commencement of the Master of business administration course.


Students who enrol in the Master of business administration course are required to have access to portable computing devices, such as laptops or tablets, that are capable of utilizing the Microsoft Office™ suite, including Excel and Access, in order to undertake learning activities in the unit BZ106 Information Systems for Business. Master of business administration students are required to bring these devices to classes for this unit.

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Entry requirements

At CHC, we understand that everyone’s study journey has been different.  You may have existing undergraduate study which can assist in moving into a Master of business administration. However, if you have never studied before you can still jump into an MBA using our professional experience pathway. Evidence of 5 years professional experience and references can be used to show equivalent experience.

Early exit options

Our Master of Business Administration is a nested degree program. This means that should you need to exit the program early because of a great new job, you will still have earned a postgraduate qualification.  Officers and Course Coordinators can provide more information and discuss your individual circumstances. For more details, please contact us at study@chc.edu.au

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Alternate path to the MBA

You may be a manager in the so-called ‘third sector’ (including such not-for-profit organisations as churches, parachurch organisations and charities) who has risen to your position without formal qualifications in business management. While you may have an undergraduate degree in another field and/or have accrued considerable experience in one or more management position, the lack of formal qualifications and specialised theoretical knowledge can undermine your future career development and/or job security.

CHC recognises your experience and through the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) seeks to bridge the gap. The CHC MBA provides you with specialised theoretical knowledge and skills in management as well as the confidence to apply this knowledge in your actual or intended professional practice context. The units within the MBA present the relevance of theoretical knowledge and values-based literature to you today and enables you to expand influence and help them strategically grow their organisation.

Talk to us about recognised prior learning (RPL)

We recognise you already have years of experience in the industry. We want to acknowledge this experience through recognised prior learning (RPL) and then provide strategic career advice on how you can move into the next level in your career. Our passionate team can help you plan your next step and ways to obtain your MBA.

How is CHC different from other MBAs?

Working in a values-based organisation requires a unique set of skills, balancing profit with purpose. The CHC MBA provides you with the skills and mindset to do both. For example, our units give you skills to reconcile competing priorities and diverse stakeholder groups. We help you balance the needs for continual innovation and the strategy of your organisation while remaining true to mission. We help build into your capacity to manage staff and volunteers through contemporary, faith-based leadership and management.


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360° Outcomes

CHC can play an important role in your personal growth and development. As you make a 2-year investment (over 12 study periods) for an MBA (while you work full time) you will grow and expand in your sphere of influence and the world around you will be transformed.