CHC Hardship Fund

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As we continue to face this unprecedented situation with the COVID-19 pandemic and are forced to adjust to new ways of living due to the significant amount of disruptions; here at CHC, we recognise the huge impact this has had on many of us, particularly on our students. For some of us in the broader CHC community, we may also have had to deal with the loss of loved ones and/or the loss of jobs and businesses.

Since the founding of CHC in 1986, we have taken pride in being a tertiary education provider with a difference, that of providing a Christ-centred environment where our students are equipped to make a difference in the world around them and where their own lives and the lives they come in contact with are transformed through Christ’s love.

Here at CHC, our response to the current challenging environment is to firstly acknowledge and remember that our hope lies in our Lord Jesus Christ, in the One who sees and knows all of our needs, physically and spiritually. Secondly, we also recognise that we are to love our neighbours as ourselves; and during this time, to do this in practical tangible ways by providing support to students under our care, including in the form of financial assistance.

In response to the significant economic impact this pandemic has had on the jobs and livelihoods of many of our students who may be self-supporting themselves during the period of their tertiary education, CHC has established a Hardship Fund. The CHC Hardship fund aims to assist current students both local and international students living in Australia who are experiencing financial challenges and struggling to provide for themselves as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our aim is to provide a modest amount of financial or appropriate assistance to help support students who may be unable to continue or complete their studies and miss out on their career goals.

For students to be eligible for this support, they would need to provide evidence of their current financial situation via an online application. Where a student is found to be eligible for receiving assistance from the CHC Hardship Fund, assistance will be provided in the form of the gift cards or direct financial rebate payments to either subsidise or cover certain specified expenses incurred by the student.

The COVID-19 situation requires us to respond in a loving practical way to those of our students in need.  Based on the enquiries we’ve had, we recognise this need is great and CHC will look to hopefully expand the scope of the Hardship Fund to provide for more students in the future.

Our students are the very reason why so many of us at CHC do what we do, and we hope that this Hardship Fund can support our students who have sacrificed much in order to perform successfully in their areas of study at CHC.

As a valued member of the CHC alumni and broader CHC community, if you can and would like to be part of this effort to boost the important work CHC in equipping our students to make a difference to the world, and to support those students in need, please email With your assistance, you can and will help us continue to build a stronger CHC community.

For students who need some financial assistance, please find here the link to the application form to the Hardship Fund, which will provide further detailed information on eligibility and the application process.