CHC’s Update on Helping our Students through COVID-19

As we continue to move through the COVID-19 experience together our thoughts and prayers are very much with all of you. We are hearing stories of the various difficulties the period of isolation is creating for some of you, especially as you work to keep up to date with your studies.  

I want you to know we are aware of the challenges you are facing. Many of our lecturers are sharing the experiences such as home schooling, caring for loved ones and the time involved in the extra care that needs to be taken around the most vulnerable. I am sure you, like me, are encouraged by the declining numbers of new infections in Australia and Queensland. They are pointing to light at the end of the tunnel. 

Last week the CHC Academic Board considered what more we might be able to put in place for semester one 2020 to further relieve some of the extra stress of the current situation. 

We have decided on several additional ways we can help. These include: 

  • Any failing exit results (a grade of fail, F, or a grade of incomplete fail, IF) received by students at CHC for units taken in Semester One 2020 will not contribute to a student’s grade point average (GPA). 
  • The threshold for the granting of  supplementary exam or task will be lowered for semester one. Eligibility for the opportunity to complete a supplementary task or exam is determined by the Examiner’s meeting of each school. Schools will be advised to lower their threshold for offering a supplementary by 10% for Semester One 2020 results. 
  • Students can apply to have a new grade (for example, a COVID fail, CF) recorded instead of a fail, F, or an incomplete fail, IF, if they can demonstrate the result was impacted by COVID-19.  
  • Students who receive an exit result of  pass (P) or a credit (C) and can demonstrate that under normal circumstances they would receive a higher grade, can apply to have the grade changed to an ungraded pass. As a result, this grade will not contribute to the students GPA. 

These have been added to the current relaxation around the application for extensions, resubmissions and other considerations being given to students by lecturers and course coordinator.  It is important to note that they are only applicable to Semester One results at this time. This will be reviewed for Semester Two as the situation unfolds. 

The two central messages I hope you hear from this are that we really care about you and are standing with you at this time and that we don’t want you to give up. Let us come along side you wherever possible and help you continue your learning journey. 

Joyce Mok is our wonderful Student Services Coordinator. Her email address is Joyce is there to provide support and to liaise with the appropriate staff member on your behalf. My email address is 

I know it is a bit cliched, but it is non-the-less true, we are all in this together. 

Stay safe and God bless 


Dr Craig Murison