How the CHC Hardship Fund has helped our students

In May this year, CHC established a Hardship Fund in response to the significant impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on its community of students. The aim of the Fund is to provide some financial or appropriate assistance to support those who may be unable to continue or complete their studies and missing out on their career goals.

In this article, we hear from a student for whom the Fund has had a significant positive contribution to their lives.

Bhumika Chaudhari is an international student at CHC studying for a Bachelor of Business. For her and her young family, the pandemic has been a painful and stressful time. She received assistance from the CHC Hardship Fund.

CHC: How has the funds helped you and your family?

Bhumika: Thank you CHC for helping me. It is very difficult to survive with kids. The assistance from CHC is a big help during this Covid-19 pandemic.

CHC: Why do you think being in a community like CHC is important to international students?

Bhumika: Definitely. The CHC community is very important for international students. The staff are not only very helpful and friendly, they also very prompt with their service. I feel that CHC is a part of my life and my new family here in Australia.

CHC: In a short sentence, jhow would you describe your study journey so far at CHC?

Bhumika: I have learnt a lot of things at CHC. I have improved my skills and knowledge. The staff at CHC are always happy to help each student with any problem. I feel we can share everything with them because they treat like us like a family member.

Not only do we have access to face to face lectures, classes, study spaces and a wide range of books at the library, we as students are able to contact the staff at any time and receive quick responses by phone, email or appointment.

I would to specially thank the course coordinator and study support team for their help in getting us to do our best in our assignments, exams and study.

CHC has an amazing technical and teaching staff I recommend CHC to anyone looking to study, there is no better academic institute. CHC is always the best. Thank you to everyone for your support to make my future.

Our students are the very reason why so many of us at CHC do what we do and the Hardship Fund is a way for us to respond in a loving practical way to those of our students in need.

You can find out more about our Hardship Fund by clicking on this link

For students who need some financial assistance, please find here the link to the application form to the Hardship Fund, which will provide further detailed information on eligibility and the application process.