KPI’s Worth Reporting On

“The greatest distinctive of CHC and I believe of every ministry here on this campus is that our students are not numbers; they are individuals; they are people.”

Dr Craig Murison, our Dean for the School of Education and Business, spoke on all things numbers and what they meant for the past year at CHC at the annual all-campus meeting held at Citipointe Church.  In a panel of other Campus leaders, Dr Murison was asked point blank if there were any KPI’s worth mentioning for CHC in the past 12 months.  His answer took the audience by surprise, as comment after comment the numbers both high and low only showed the strength of CHC to be so evident.

When asked the question by Pastor Michael Mulheran, Dr Murison answers the question with confidence by saying:

Yes, Kingdom Performance Indicators; we have quite a lot of them!  The most important number to us at CHC is zero.  The greatest distinctive of CHC and I believe of every ministry here on this campus is that our students are not numbers; they are individuals; they are people.

1 is a really important number, because CHC has for a number of years been number 1 in graduate satisfaction out of every university, every college in Queensland.  It’s a little-known fact because we’re not all that good at telling our own story.

93.6% graduate satisfaction; in teacher education 96.9%; the most prestigious Queensland institution is well over 30 points behind us.  These are external figures; our students give those figures through surveys, not through us; these Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching is like a My Schools website for universities, if you like, and CHC is right at the top.

4 is a really important number to us because that is the number of graduates that I think Citipointe Christian College employed from CHC for this year (2020) …

Ps Brian Mulheran, Principal:

… And we are blessed to have them; they are amazing…

Dr Craig Murison:

42, which is the meaning of life, that’s an important number because as of the end of last year, 3242 had graduated with a qualification from CHC, and are out there, transforming their worlds for good and for God.

5 is a really important KPI for us because we meet 5 days a week to pray for you, pray for this campus, pray for the activities that are on this campus, so 5 is a really important number.  But there are lots of numbers…

100 is an important number because we have had 100% employment for our Teacher education programs 3 years in a row; so that’s a really important number.  In fact, we have consistently met that statistic well before graduation; our students are sought after.  We desperately need teachers present here to recommend us to your students because we need them to consider teaching, and we need them to consider CHC, because 96.9% of them (in teacher education) are going to say it’s a great experience, and 100% of them are going to get jobs!

The other really important number to us is 316 because, for God so loved the world that He sent His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life (John 3/16).  And that’s our desire and hope for every person that comes to CHC and is enrolled there; that they either grow in their knowledge and are discipled in their knowledge and understanding of that, or they come to know Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.

And while none of these numbers are important because none of our students are “numbers”, all of the numbers are important because they are all created with a purpose and a plan and are of significance to God; they are all unique individuals created by God, Who loves them.

So they are our Kingdom purpose indicators.