Lifespan Development Workshop

It’s been said that life is a journey. It’s along this journey that we encounter a myriad of transformations. It is therefore essential that counsellors working with people understand these transformations and be able to assist their clients to negotiate the changes they face. In many cases, the presenting problem stated in the initial counselling session does not give a complete picture of what the actual issues are. Lying beneath the presenting problem is often the relentless unyielding fact of change. Research tells us that life can be seen in five stages – pre-school, school, work, retirement, and death. These markers highlight events that involve our relationships, our health (mentally and physically), our work, finances, and personal experiences. The one thing that does not change is the reality of change.
To enhance the effectiveness of personal and family counselling, it is imperative for counsellors to be informed at a minimal level of developmental psychology including elements of psychosexual, psycho-social, family, moral and spiritual development. This one day workshop will have a primary focus in these five topics. It is especially designed for those who may not have studied life span development, (transformation of the personality, including the attainment of social attitudes and skills, from infancy through maturity) but require some of the basics of human development.