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Christian Heritage College Code of Practice


Christian Heritage College is committed to the maintenance of high standards in the provision of its courses.  The Code of Practice outlines specific commitments of the college in relation to the provision of training programs.

Educational Standards

In the marketing and delivery of its courses, CHC will follow educational and administrative policies and practices, which embody and maintain high standards of integrity, professionalism and concern for students and their welfare.  CHC will maintain learning environments which are conducive to the learning and growth of students.


CHC is committed to ensuring that students are provided with accurate, relevant and up-to-date information about all aspects of their courses.  Such information will be published in the Student Handbook provided annually to each student.


CHC courses will be marketed with integrity, accuracy and professionalism.  Course information will be precise and specific, and will avoid vague and ambiguous statements.  In the promotion of CHC courses, no false or misleading comparisons will be drawn with other providers or courses.


The college’s recruitment processes will be conducted in an ethical and responsible manner.  Recruitment processes will have regard to the entry requirements of courses, and to the principle of equal opportunity.


CHC is committed to safeguarding tuition fees paid by students.  The college has a fair and equitable refund policy, details of which are freely available to students.  The college’s refund policy is outlined in the CHC Course Guides.

Appeals and Grievances

CHC is concerned to ensure that it has fair and equitable procedures for responding to appeals and grievances.  Detailed procedures are outlined in the Overseas Students Grievance Procedures.


CHC will honour all guarantees outlined in this Code of Practice and in other College documentation.

Overseas Students

The College is bound by the Education Services for Overseas Students (Registration of Providers and Financial Regulations) Act 1991.  Tuition fees paid by overseas students are held in a trust account operated in accordance with the Act.

REGISTERED PROVIDER NAME:           Christian Heritage College


ACN: 107 091 001

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