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Policy Group(s): Group B: Academic – 1: Students (Ref: B1/1207.1-0409; 1217)
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Commencement Date: December 2007
Review Date:
April 2014
April 2022
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Christian Heritage College (CHC) recognises that some students may wish to transfer from one course of study at CHC to another course of study at CHC. In some instances, the course of study to which they transfer is either identical in structure to the one from which they have transferred or is nested in the new course of study.

To simplify processes associated with the transfer of credit from one such course of study to another, the term Advanced Standing is recognised.

This intent of this policy is to ensure the fairness of treatment of all applications for transfer of credit in the case of transfer of course at CHC and to ensure the integrity of the courses of study at CHC.


This policy applies to all domestic CHC students.

Restrictions: Overseas students

Exclusions: Nil


1.     To identify those students transferring courses within CHC who are eligible for Advanced Standing.

2.     To classify the instances of credit transfer which qualify as Advanced Standing.

3.     To ensure that the ten-year recency and currency principle applies to Advanced Standing.

4.     To provide clear guidelines for staff and students concerning those circumstances when the use of Advanced Standing is appropriate.

5.     To simplify the administrative processes associated with internal transfers between courses which are either identical in structure or nested.

Policy Provisions:

1.     General

1.1       This policy statement outlines generic rules that will apply to advanced standing for transfer of credit purposes.

1.2       Decisions on applications will be made by the Dean of the school which houses the course of study into which the student is transferring.

1.3       A Dean may seek a variation or relaxation of the rules from the Academic Board. Where such a variation or relaxation is permitted, an extract from the minutes shall be included on the student’s file.

1.4       An assessment for Advanced Standing will be made internally when a student submits an online Application to Transfer Course form or in specific cases (such as articulating from a nested course) when they complete an online Direct Application.

1.5       Assessment of applications will be completed at the time of assessing the application to transfer course.

1.6       When the transfer of course is approved the student will be offered the Advanced Standing through a formal letter.

1.6.1       The student will then sign to acknowledge their acceptance of the Advanced Standing. It is then expected that this credit will be utilised in the student’s course of study.

1.7      CHC reserves the right to revoke any Advances Standing should any conditions such as time limits not be met.

1.8       Should an applicant not be satisfied with the outcome of the evaluation of Advanced Standing, the applicant may access the Student Grievance Procedure for Domestic Students – Non-Academic.

2           Assessing a Case for Advanced Standing

2.1       Advanced Standing is granted when a CHC student makes application to transfer from one course of study at CHC to another course of study at CHC.

2.2       A current CHC student who is transferring to a course in the same school will be granted advanced standing as specified in course rules and subject to paragraphs 2.4.1 and 2.4.2 below.

2.3       A commencing student who is returning to a course in the same school will be granted advanced standing on the same basis as a current CHC student (see paragraph 2.2 above).

2.4       Advanced standing will be granted to a student who either:

2.4.1  transfers to a course within a nested group of courses; or

2.4.2  transfers to a course which has similar content to their previous course or is a variation of the previous course (e.g. Bachelor of Education (Primary).

3. Interaction of recency and course completion time limits

3.1       Where the Advanced Standing granted constitutes 25% or more of the course requirements of the new course of study, Advanced Standing shall only be granted on the condition that all studies contributing to the new award will have been completed within the normal time limit nominated for completion of the course.

3.2       Unless otherwise determined by the Academic Board, where this provision is breached, the grant of Advanced Standing will be revoked on the basis that the imported studies no longer meet equivalency requirements for currency.

3.3       Where Advanced Standing is revoked, students may, with the approval of the Dean, qualify for exemption from certain course requirements.

4. Communication

4.1       Applicants will receive written advice regarding the outcome of their Advanced Standing in a timely manner.

4.2       The written communication will include:

4.2.1 the outcome of the application;

4.2.2 the amount of Advanced Standing being offered;

4.2.3 any specific time limits for course completion which are applied as conditions of Advanced Standing;

4.2.4 any other conditions attached to the Advanced Standing offer; and

4.2.5 an attachment for the student to acknowledge the acceptance of all or a portion of the credit being offered.

1. Student Procedure

1.1. Students are encouraged to discuss their transfer of course with the Course Coordinator

1.2. The student must complete the online Application to Transfer of Course (or Direct Application if directed)

1.3. The student will receive a formal offer letter once the Transfer of Course is approved they must sign and return to CHC.

2. Staff Procedure

2.1. The course coordinator will determine if Advanced Standing is applicable when assessing the application to transfer course (see Sections 2.2 and 3 above for circumstances in which Advanced Standing is applicable).

2.2. The course coordinator will indicate on the Application to Transfer Course form the amount of Advanced Standing to be granted.

2.3. The formal offer letter and form will be prepared by the CHC Student Administration.

2.3.1. This will include any specific information of time limits for course completion which are applied as conditions of the successful advanced standing and an attachment which the student must sign to acknowledge the acceptance of the advanced standing.

The provisions of this policy statement are to be integrated into the College’s standard policy statement concerning transfer of credit, so that all of the criteria for transfer of credit are covered in a single statement.
Relevant Commonwealth/State Legislation: Higher Education Standards Framework (2015)


Implementation: Director of Quality and Standards
Compliance:  Director of Quality and Standards
Monitoring and Evaluation: Director of Quality and Standards
Development/Review: Director of Quality and Standards
Approval Authority: Academic Board
Interpretation & Advice: Director of Quality and Standards


Academic staff

Academic Administration staff




Performance Indicators: ·         Number of applications approved / not approved

·         Most applications should be processed within a four week time frame.

Other:                                                         Nil
Definitions and Acronyms: CHC – Christian Heritage College

Course of Study – The course leading to an award or degree

Dean – the head of the school administering a course, includes the Executive Director, Millis Institute.

School – the academic organisational units of CHC, includes the Millis Institute.


APPROVAL – section maintained by the Director of Quality and Standards

Reference No. Approved Date Committee/Board Resolution No. / Minute Ref.
B1/1207.1 Yes 06/12/2007 Academic Board 4.4

REVISION HISTORY – section maintained by the Director of Quality and Standards

Revision Reference No. Approved/


Date Committee/Board Resolution No. / Minute Ref.
0409 Approved 02/04/2009 Academic Board 4.4
1217 Approved 01/12/2017 Academic Board 5.1
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