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Units for Audit

Policy Group(s): Group C: Administration – 1. Academic (Ref: C1/1117.1)
Policy Authority: Chief Executive Officer
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Commencement Date: January 2018
Review Date:
March 2020
March 2025
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Knowledge, expertise and experience are inherent in Christian Heritage College (CHC) as a community of scholars. The biblical principle of generosity (e.g. Proverbs 11:24-26) demands that CHC share knowledge, expertise and experience not only with students, but also with members of the community who do not wish to enrol in an award course and undertake assessment.

This policy provides for the offering of individual units for audit.


This policy applies to members of the public who are not enrolled in an award course of study at CHC to which an intended unit for audit applies.

Restrictions:         Nil

Exclusions:           Nil


1.    To provide members of the public who do not wish to enrol in an award course of study at CHC to engage in one or more units for audit.

2.    To contribute to the achievement of CHC’s God-given mission by expanding its community of scholars.

3.    To establish processes for the administration of units for audit.

Policy Provisions:

1.    General

1.1.        CHC shall offer units for audit in each semester.

1.2.        Persons engaged in units for audit will comply with all relevant CHC policies.

1.3.        Persons engaged in units for audit are not considered to be enrolled at CHC for data purposes.

2.    Nomination and selection of units for audit

2.1.        Schools will nominate suitable units for audit from among the units that are selected for offering in each semester of a CHC academic year.

2.2.        Units that are not suited to being undertaken by audit students will not be nominated by Schools and will not be available as units for audit. These include, but are not limited to, units in which there are specific copyright provisions that disallow engagement except for students enrolled for credit, units that are offered for completion or progression purposes only, and units that contain a research, internship, project and/or work integrated learning component.

2.3.        Units for audit may be offered in internal or external/online mode.

2.4.        Applicants for units for audit in a particular semester may select from among the units and modes of delivery that are available in that semester, as published in the Units on Offer document on the CHC website.

2.5.        Where there is a quota on the number of enrolments in a unit, enrolments for credit will take precedence over units for audit.

2.6.        Notwithstanding Provision 2.5, approval to engage in a unit for audit is automatic upon the selection of that unit from the list of nominated units for a particular semester. Where Provision 2.5 applies, approval to engage in the unit for audit will be determined by the relevant CHC course coordinator prior to the commencement of the particular semester and the decision will be communicated to the applicant.

3.    Engagement in units for audit

3.1.        Units for audit attract fees. Fees for audit units are published on the CHC website with the general fees and charges information for each academic year.

3.2.        Fees for audit units must be paid at the time of application and are not able to be deferred to HELP as they not being undertaken as part of an award course of study.

3.3.        Fees for audit units are non-refundable, unless the applicant is not approved to engage in the unit under Provision 2.5, or for other reasons that are beyond the control of the applicant and which prevent the applicant from engaging in the unit for audit.

3.4.        Admission criteria do not apply to units for audit.

3.5.        Pre- and co-requisite requirements do not apply to units for audit.

3.6.        Units for audit do not include access to the CHC Library or computers. Library membership is available separately, for the prescribed annual fee, and does not include access to electronic data bases or resources on short term loan.

3.7.        Units for audit do not include the assigning of CHC student email addresses or electronic accounts.

3.8.        Where learning resources for a unit for audit are available via Moodle™, ‘guest’ access will be provided.

3.9.        Units for audit do not include assessment requirements.

3.10.    Completed units for audit are not eligible for credit transfer into an award course of study at CHC.

1.    Administration

1.1          Administrative dates as per units for credit will apply to units for audit.

1.2          Fees for units for audit will be set at the same time as tuition fees.

Relevant Commonwealth/ State Legislation Nil
Implementation: Vice President – Academic
Compliance: Academic Registrar
Monitoring and Evaluation: Director, Quality and Standards
Development and Review: Director, Quality and Standards
Approval Authority: Vice President – Academic
Interpretation and Advice: Vice President – Academic
All CHC staff
Audit unit

A unit enrolment that is not for credit to a course and does not involve assessment.

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