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Workplace Health & Safety

Policy Group(s): Group A - A/0619.1
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Commencement Date: June 2019
Review Date: June 2020


The intent of this policy is to provide and maintain a healthy and safe workplace and community environment which prevents the death, injury or illness of its employees, volunteers, students/interns, contractors, members and visitors (hereafter referred to as personnel).


Inclusions: All CHC property and buildings, including but not limited to E block, A block, C block, the student common room and the Library.

Restrictions: Property staff working on Christian Heritage College must also adhere to the individual organisations policies and procedures including but not limited to work, health and safety.

Exclusions: Nil


1.         To prevent a person’s death, injury or illness in the workplace or community environment.

2.         To maintain a safe and healthy including mental and physical wellbeing in the workplace and community environment.

3.         To self-regulate a safe and healthy workplace and community environment through principles of risk management.

4.         To proactively achieve compliance to the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011.

5.         To ensure personnel know their rights, roles and responsibilities in relation to Work Health and Safety (WHS).

6.         To establish WHS procedures that are followed.

Policy Provisions:


1.         The Queensland State Government’s Legislation covering “Workplace Health and Safety”, places responsibility on employers and employees to maintain healthy and safe work environments for employees, volunteers and visitors to places of work, which includes offices, meeting places and grounds.

2.         The Legislation places particular responsibilities on Officers and Directors. Failure to comply with the Act and/or Regulations renders persons in management positions, including the Committee of Management, liable to prosecution with penalties which can include fines, imprisonment or both.

3.         CHC is committed to endeavouring that all relevant personnel familiarise themselves with the State Legislation and ensure that employees, management and visitors are aware of their responsibilities to maintain a healthy and safe work community environment.

4.         Through consultation with employees, and the promulgation of safety procedures and training, CHC will ensure that exposure to risk is limited and that a safe work environment is maintained for all.

Application of Legislation

5.         Legislation affects all people at the workplace: employers, employees, students, contractors, visitors to workplaces, those who supply products or services and volunteers.

6.         The aim of the Legislation is to provide a framework for reducing work-related injuries, illnesses and compensation costs while improving productivity and profitability.

7.         The legal responsibility takes the form of duties of care. These require all workplace participants to take practical steps to ensure the health and safety in the workplace.

8.         Workplaces include the CHC offices and classrooms, Citipointe Church, CMC offices and classrooms, and the surrounding grounds, paths, roadways and parking areas. The Workplace also includes all other areas where activities are managed by CHC authorised personnel off site.

9.         Legislation relates to:

9.1.       internal and external building and property maintenance undertaken by all personnel;

9.2.       employees involved in any of the activities associated with No 8 above;

9.3.       major construction projects undertaken by any CHC personnel; and

9.4.       owned, leased, hired, rented premises and equipment.

Employer Responsibility

10.           From 1 January 2012, employers were no longer required to appoint a Workplace Health and Safety Officer (WHSO).

11.           The CHC Council delegates authority of Work Health and Safety to the appointed WHS Officer.

12.           This person with the assistance of the Health and Safety Committee, outwork all policies, procedures and compliance of work health and safety at CHC.

13.         CHC’s CEO/President and management staff will, so far as is practicable, ensure the health and safety of its employees, of themselves and of non-employees affected by work and workplaces. They will ensure a safe and healthy workplace and will seek to manage risks.

14.         The President, and CHC Council have “employer” responsibility under No.1 above.

15.         Those with “employer” responsibility should examine workplaces asking themselves the following questions:

15.1.       Are work methods healthy and safe?

15.2.       Are machinery, plant and substances used handled and stored safely?

15.3.       Are health risks from noise, manual handling and other ergonomic issues  effectively controlled?

15.4.       Are measures in place to support a mental wellbeing in the workplace?

15.5.       Is there enough instruction, information, training and supervision available to ensure employee can perform work safely, without risk to health?

15.6.       Are the licenses needed to carry out the job current?

15.7.       Is the workplace safe and without risk to health? e.g. Clean, uncluttered floors, adequate lighting, ventilation, protection from falls from height.

15.8.       Are members of the public and workplace visitors protected from workplace hazards? Are they restricted only to non-hazard areas and made aware of safety requirements?

15.9.       Is the workplace registered?

15.10.       Is the building and construction project registered and are appropriate fees paid?

15.11.       Are volunteer construction workers holders of necessary safety certificates?

15.12.       Is the building construction supervisor fully conversant with the provisions of the legislation and with his responsibilities to ensure a healthy and safe workplace?

16.         Those with “employer” responsibility are to take action to rectify unsafe conditions and work practices when observed or reported.

Employee Responsibility

17.         Employees have a responsibility to read and follow any policies and procedures that assist with health and safety in the workplace.

18.         Employees must follow instructions given for health and safety (both physical and mental) of themselves and others.

19.         They must take reasonable care to protect the health and safety of themselves and others.

20.         They must use personal protective equipment, where provided, and as trained.

Responsibility of Others

21.         Students and visitors to workplaces must obey health and safety directions applied at the workplace.

22.         People in control of workplaces used by non-employees or members of the public must ensure the workplace is healthy and safe.

Record Keeping & Reporting

23.         The Workplace Health and Safety Officer (WHSO) must keep a record of every work injury, work-related illness or dangerous occurrences at a workplace and comply with the reporting procedure of the relevant Legislation.

24.         The WHSO must keep a record of all Workplace Health and Safety related training.

25.         Induction and ongoing training will be provided to the relevant personnel concerning WHS issues including evacuation procedures, use of fire extinguishers, guillotines etc.

25.1.         A record must be kept of the induction and ongoing training given to each worker for five years from the last entry in the record.

25.2.         The record must include the following information:

25.2.1.         Date of the session

25.2.2.         Topics dealt with at the session

25.2.3.         The name of the person conducting the session

25.2.4.         The names of those workers/relevant personnel who attended the  session

25.3    The WHSO must keep a record of all Health and Safety Committee Meetings including risk assessments and a log of potential risks and the processes to minimise those risks.

25.4    The  WHSO will advise the Council via Executive of every critical work injury, work related illness or dangerous occurrence at a workplace.


26.         CHC has appointed a WHSO whose task is, with the assistance of the Health and Safety Committee, to monitor compliance with the relevant act and regulations and to maintain on a regular basis, risk management audits.

27.         A WHS Management System (Manual) and online training for all workers, has been produced, is accessible and promoted to all employees to cover all areas.

28.         Employees will be consulted regarding safety processes within CHC’s areas of responsibility.

29.         Where an external consultant has been employed by CHC as the Workplace Health and Safety Officer, the CHC Council will ensure that all aspects of health and safety within CHC are regularly audited, updated and maintained.

30.         CHC will appoint a Rehabilitation coordinator and rehabilitation programs for injured workers.

31.         Any changes to the CHC environment by way of construction/repairs which have been identified as potential areas of risk will be monitored by appropriate employees.

32.         No smoking regulations will be promulgated and enforced. CHC is a designated non-smoking environment.


●      CHC Incident Report

●      Emergency and Evacuation Procedures

●      First Aid and Medical Emergency Procedures

●      CHC Work Health & Safety Management System

●      Reporting and Recording Workplace Accident, Illness and Injury Guidelines

Relevant Commonwealth/ State Legislation Building and Fire Safety Regulation 2008

Work Health and Safety Act 2011

Workplace Health and Safety Regulation 2011



Compliance: CHC CEO/President
Implementation: CHC CEO/President
Monitoring and Evaluation: CHC CEO/President, CHC Council & WHS Officer
Development/Review: CHC CEO/President, CHC Council & WHS Officer
Approval Authority: CHC Council
Interpretation & Advice: CHC CEO/President & WHS Officer
●      All CHC employees, contractors, students/interns, volunteers, and visitors.
Performance Indicators: 1.     Accessibility of Policy to personnel.

2.     Compliance with the WHS Act 2011.

3.     Adherence to the Policy by personnel.

4.     Record Keeping.

5.     Minimisation of risk of injury and or workplace illness.

6.     User-friendly.

Definitions and Acronyms: WHS – Workplace health and safety

CHC – Christian Heritage College

Personnel – Employees, volunteers, students/interns, contractors, volunteers and visitors.


Policy Approval Process: 1.     Policy drafting by the WHS Office with input from CHC Executive and other interested stakeholders.

2.     Submission to CHC Council for final approval.

Policy Procedures: 1.     Communication of Policy to School Deans and other staff with management responsibilities. All other staff via the Network Drive (or public viewing platform or program used at the time).

2.     Procedures drafting by the WHS Office with input by relevant management.

3.     Final procedure communication outworked by relevant management, and stored on the Network Drive (or public viewing platform or program used at the time).

4.     Communication with Executive Team, and CHC Council as necessary.

5.     Formation of a Health and Safety Committee.

6.     Development of record keeping files.

7.     Induction and training of employee with Workplace Health and Safety and related issues.

Policy Dissemination


1.     All new employees to be informed of this policy, at New Staff Induction, via the Network Drive and Online Training (or public viewing platform or program used at the time).

2.     Induction of existing employees to this policy via staff meetings (or public viewing platform or program used at the time) and WHS online training as required.

3.     Publication of the Policy on the Network Drive (or public viewing platform or program used at the time).


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