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The CHC Counselling & Support Centre is professional counselling offered at an affordable rate because final-year counselling students are facilitating the session under the mentorship of an experienced registered counsellor. Your session will assist you to identify your desired outcomes and provide appropriate guidance or intervention to open new horizons for you as you take this journey to wellbeing. In this safe, friendly environment you can be assured that you will be valued as an individual and helped as you take a necessary journey to a more fulfilled life.

If you are CHC student this service is free, but anyone can access for a small fee of $20 per hour.

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Sonia Thompson

Head of the Counselling Centre

Master of Counselling

Hello, my name is Kylee Grace and I am currently in my last year of the Master of Counselling degree with CHC. I have previously trained as a Creative Arts Therapist and Mindfulness Facilitator. I have an interest in supporting clients with self-awareness, mindfulness, personal meanings, emotional regulation, confidence and resilience. I often work with clients seeking support with anxiety, stress, relationships, grief and loss, past trauma, or everyday challenges. In my spare time I enjoy bush walking, horse riding, dancing, creative arts and family time.

I am available for online counselling with CHC (Wednesday or Thursday).