Our core Values

Seeking Truth

CHC seeks to kindle a love of truth in every student and in every academic discipline. Faith calls us to seek understanding through learning, teaching, scholarship, and a rich cultivation of the life of the mind for the common good.

Centred on Christ

CHC is committed to the person of Jesus Christ, who reveals both God’s nature and the image of restored humanity. Our college community seeks to embody the pattern of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection through worship, service, and mission for the common good.

Founded on God’s Word

CHC is committed to Scripture as the ultimate foundation of Christian life, thought, and social engagement. Our college community builds on this foundation as we seek to integrate faith, learning, and service for the common good.

Cultivating Community

CHC celebrates the rich diversity of human beings as unique bearers of God’s image. Through a sharing of diverse gifts and graces, our college community seeks to cultivate human flourishing for the sake of the common good.

Vision and Values

CHC seeks to be a leading Christian provider of higher education excelling in the provision of high quality learning experiences within a learning environment informed by Biblical Christian values and beliefs, and the developing of sought-after graduates who understand what it means to live and work with Christian worldview perspectives.

CHC was founded in 1986 by the International Network of Churches (INC), formerly known as Christian Outreach Centre, and was a vision birthed by Order of Australia recipient, Emeritus Professor Brian Millis, who sought to re-imagine how people think about human flourishing, vocation, calling and the integration of faith and learning across a range of disciplines and fields of study.

CHC’s identity

CHC lays the foundations for all students to think Christianly about their chosen disciplines and careers.

CHC seeks for all students to grow in their knowledge of God so that they are equipped to think, relate and work in ways that consistently reflect the mind of Christ. CHC seeks to cultivate the common good and contribute to social transformation through the head (cognitive), heart (wholistic human beings) and hands (actions taken for the common good) of each graduate.

Our Purpose

Transforming people to transform their world through distinctively Christian Higher Education

Our Mission

The formation of people in Christian character, scholarship and leadership to influence their world for God and the common good

Our Vision

To be a relevant and redemptive voice influencing Australian society for God and the common good through the integration of faith, learning and scholarship

Statement of Faith

Our statement of faith is in accordance with INC. As the pioneers of CHC they have established a strong biblical foundation for our organisation.

To see the full INC statement of faith please click this link.