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The CHC MBA is a 12-unit program which takes two years to complete.

The CHC Master of Business Administration (MBA) provides our graduates with up to date management knowledge and skills as well the opportunity to apply this knowledge and skills in professional practice. The program is built upon contemporary scholarly research, Biblical values, and the Christian intellectual tradition. Our program provides our graduates with the confidence to innovate within their organisation and produce results in an effective, ethical, and sustainable manner.

The CHC MBA particularly suits those individuals who have risen to their positions in organisations without formal qualifications in business management. These organisations can include not-for-profit organisations as churches, parachurch organisations and charities. The CHC MBA will help these individuals to integrate an ethical approach to business more fully with the practices and strategies of their organisation. The program explores the relevance of the literature in management, including biblically based literature, for strategic management in organisations. Students are able to complete a coursework pathway with a capstone project or to undertake a research pathway in which the knowledge gained in the course is given practical expression in an extended research project.

Students commence the MBA by enrolling in the Graduate Certificate in Management. Upon successful completion of the Graduate Certificate, students may articulate into the Graduate Diploma in Management, and then into the MBA. Students may choose to exit having completed either the Graduate Certificate in Management or the Graduate Diploma in Management, subject to the completion of course requirements.

CHC offers multiple entry points into the MBA program.

  • Accredited by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) and appears in the list of accredited CHC courses on the National Register of Higher Education Providers.
  • Approval for FEE-HELP (personal eligibility requirements apply).

How the MBA can enhance your career

The CHC MBA equips you to be a leader who can integrate scholarly research, Biblical values, and the Christian intellectual tradition to deliver solutions in practical assessments and case studies. With your online MBA, you will have the confidence and creativity to challenge the status quo and lead ethical change. Build your skill set, strengthen your values, and start seeing the world as it could be with a renewed focus on human flourishing for the common good.

Admission Criteria


I am an applicant with:


Applicants with recent secondary education are not eligible for admission to this course.

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Applicants with vocational education and training (VET) study are not eligible for admission to this course.

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Entry to this course is via the Graduate Diploma in Management.

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Entry to this course is via the Graduate Diploma in Management.

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Applicants for whom English is not their first language must provide certified documentary evidence that their secondary schooling, or tertiary studies of at least one year, was conducted in the English language or they have satisfactory results in an acceptable English Language Proficiency examination (see table below). Results are to be no more than two years old as at the commencement of the course of study.

EXAMINATIONMinimum Requirement
IELTS (Academic)6.5 (at least 6.0 in all subtests)
PTE (Academic)59 (at least 51 in all subtests)
TOEFL (IBT)90 (at least 16 in Listening, Reading; 21 in Writing; 18 in Speaking)
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What will I learn?

The MBA will provide you with the opportunity to consolidate your knowledge and skills so that you can continue to inspire those around you. The extensive use of case studies and practical assessments can help prepare you to take bold steps within your organisation and to launch new initiatives in the marketplace. The MBA builds your skill set and strengthen your values as you lead your organisation with an innovative focus.

Projecting strength in the marketplace

The MBA is the third step in the program that will polish your business fundamentals and technical skills with units in strategic management, business processes, business research, and innovation. These strategic skills will enable you to capitalise upon the strengths of your organisation, identify gaps in the market, and help you project the mission and brand of your organisation to a range of external stakeholders.

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Course Structure

Graduate Certificate in Management

The first stage of the MBA pathway is the Graduate Certificate in Management.

The Graduate Certificate in Management consists of 40 credit points – one core unit (10 credit points) and three elective units (30 credit points).

Graduate Diploma in Management

The second stage of the MBA pathway is the Graduate Diploma in Management. Students will articulate into this course upon completion of the Graduate Certificate in Management.

The Graduate Diploma in Management consists of 80 credit points – one core unit (10 credit points) and seven elective units (70 credit points). The units undertaken towards the Graduate Diploma in Management comprise a further four elective units that are in addition to the 40 credit points undertaken towards the Graduate Certificate in Management.

Master of Business Administration (BS61)

The Master of Business Administration consists of 120 credit points. The first 40 credit points comprise the Graduate Certificate in Management, which are supplemented by a further 40 credit points to comprise the Graduate Diploma in Management. Finally, students undertake either a coursework pathway or a research pathway of 40 credit points to complete the MBA.

CHC provides sample unit outlines for each unit offered in this course. Should you wish to view the latest version of a unit outline, please contact the Course Coordinator via the School of Business Administration Office.

In planning their courses, students must consult the relevant Courses Handbook for information regarding course rules and requirements, including unit prerequisite requirements.

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Fees & Scholarships


All courses at CHC have study costs associated with them, and these are determined by whether you are a domestic student or an international student, and whether you are in a fee-paying place or a Commonwealth supported place.

Different payment options are available, and eligible students can access the Commonwealth government’s HELP scheme to defer the payment of their study costs.

You can see what you study costs will be by clicking the link below.

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CHC has a number of scholarships available in particular course areas to help students who are coming to CHC as school-leavers.

The Government also provides some financial assistance to students to help the transition into study.

Further information about scholarships and government financial assistance is available below.

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