Transformed Seminar on Christian Worldview with Dr Simon Kennedy

Dr Simon Kennedy, Director of CHC’s Millis Institute, had the privilege of being a keynote speaker at the Transformed seminar on Christian worldview, held on May 1 at Reformed Theological College (RTC) in Melbourne. The seminar was jointly hosted by RTC and Christian Education National, and featured Dr Chris Prior, Dr Phillip Scheepers, and Dr Kennedy as keynote speakers. Drawing on the thought of the Dutch theologian Herman Bavinck, Dr Kennedy spoke on the importance of wisdom in framing the idea of Christian worldview, and addressed the way that this insight can be incorporated into a fresh understanding of the purpose of Christian education. He argued that, rather than viewing the Christian worldview as the starting point for education, it should be goal. Dr Kennedy will be speaking on Christian worldview at a number of conferences over the coming months, and aims to develop the project into a set of research publications.