What the Government FEE-HELP means for students

There has never been a better time to consider study with FEE-HELP!

The Australian Government has announced a six-month exemption from the FEE-HELP Loan Fee for undergraduate students between April and September. Students who access a FEE-HELP loan for semester 2, 2020, will not be charged the normal 25% Loan Fee. This means any units you place on FEE-HELP in Semester 2, 2020 will be less expensive than if you choose to study them at another time, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

We encourage all our students to consider how they might take advantage of this opportunity. If you are a part-time student, you could consider adding one or two units next semester. If you are on a leave of absence, you might consider returning to study in Semester 2, 2020. If you have deferred your offer, you might consider commencing your studies in Semester 2 to take advantage of this fee relief. We look forward to seeing you on campus or online soon!

If you have any questions or concerns the CHC community is, as always, here to talk through your individual needs so that you can take advantage of this opportunity.

To get help with this process or ask any questions regarding your next step, simply email study@chc.edu.au.

We pray for you constantly and look forward to continue supporting your learning journey!