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Bridging course open for enrolments

Course outline:

The purpose of CHC’s Mathematics Bridging Course, MA100 General Mathematics, is to establish an equivalency for the Mathematics prerequisite requirement for entry into Bachelor of Education Courses.

The course is delivered in an online intensive mode requiring attendance and participation. The course material is available through a series of online learning modules with an array of content information, consolidation work exercises and practice quizzes. Students are expected to complete designated online learning modules, 3-4hrs,  prior to daily virtual tutorial-lectures.


To enrol and pay for this course please use the payment form below.

There are some flexible payment options but full payment must be completed by course end. If you would like to register and part pay or delay payment please email pcollins@chc.edu.au

Course delivery:

The Maths bridging course will run as an online intensive for 8 days.

Each day will contain a two hour face to face interactive virtual tutorial with mandatory attendance.

(Minor attendance exceptions may be approved prior)

It is expected students will have completed 3-4 hours of independent prior study per learning module.

The proposed days and dates in June/July 2024 are:

Week June/July day/date Assessment
1 Mon 24, Tues 25, Wed 26 Quiz 1
2 Mon 1, Tues 2, Wed 3, July Quizzes 2 & 3
3 Mon 8, Tues 9 Quizzes 4 & 5
4 Sun 14 Final examination


Student must pass all assessment elements to be eligible to pass the course.

5 x weekly quizzes (10% each)
Final examination (50%)
Quizzes will be completed at a set designated time with remote proctoring.

The final examination date is to be determined.

*For further information, email the Education Faculty Coordinator Peter Collins at pcollins@chc.edu.au

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